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The blistering dark comedy, THE FIRST STEP –  DIARY OF A SEX ADDICT graphically depicts the story of Joe, a gay sex addict’s turbulent journey toward recovery.  Written and directed by Tony nominated Michael Leeds, THE FIRST STEP is funny, poignant, and full of flights of fantasy.  The New York Times called the production “Truly inspired… A wry tale of sexual obsession with inventive stellar moments.”  THE FIRST STEP – DIARY OF A SEX ADDICT reveals a life rarely seen on the stage.

[This play contains male & female nudity, strong language and sexual situations.]

01/12/2017 08:00 PM (Thursday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:51 Price:35.00($) per seat.

01/13/2017 08:00 PM (Friday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:28 Price:35.00($) per seat.

01/14/2017 08:00 PM (Saturday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:10 Price:35.00($) per seat.

01/19/2017 08:00 PM (Thursday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:64 Price:35.00($) per seat.

01/20/2017 08:00 PM (Friday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:66 Price:35.00($) per seat.

01/21/2017 08:00 PM (Saturday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:57 Price:35.00($) per seat.

01/22/2017 05:00 PM (Sunday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:49 Price:35.00($) per seat.

01/26/2017 08:00 PM (Thursday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:63 Price:35.00($) per seat.

01/28/2017 08:00 PM (Saturday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:50 Price:35.00($) per seat.

01/29/2017 05:00 PM (Sunday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:22 Price:35.00($) per seat.

02/02/2017 08:00 PM (Thursday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:66 Price:35.00($) per seat.

02/03/2017 08:00 PM (Friday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:57 Price:35.00($) per seat.

02/04/2017 08:00 PM (Saturday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:64 Price:35.00($) per seat.

02/05/2017 05:00 PM (Sunday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:64 Price:35.00($) per seat.

02/09/2017 08:00 PM (Thursday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:68 Price:35.00($) per seat.

02/10/2017 08:00 PM (Friday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:60 Price:35.00($) per seat.

02/11/2017 08:00 PM (Saturday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:66 Price:35.00($) per seat.

02/12/2017 05:00 PM (Sunday)
Venue:Island City Stage Seats Remaining:60 Price:35.00($) per seat.


Thursday, January 12, 2017   08:00 PM
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His & Her Kloset - Serving the LGBTQ community 37 years + 

Contemporary Men's Apparel, Casual to Formal, Weddings, Watches, Fragrances, branded +, Men's accessories, shoes, sunglasses, jeans, & alterations onsite. 


1532 NE 4th Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 522-7301

Dino's Hair Replacement of Fort Lauderdale was established in 1975, and our family owned and operated business has been serving customers throughout South Florida for over 3 decades. We offer the latest in hair replacement solutions for individuals experiencing any type of hair thinning and loss, including Alopecia, female pattern hair loss, male pattern baldness, chemotherapy-related hair loss, and more. We have helped countless men, women, and children regain their self-esteem and have the hair they never thought possible!

At Dino's HRC, we offer the following hair replacement options for both men and women:

  • Cyberhair - hair replacement technology specifically made for active lifestyles
  • Transitions - cutting-edge restoration technologies for women and men suffering from hair loss and baldness

At Dino's we sincerely want you to look and feel great, so we offer options for every size budget, as well as special promotions. Contact us today to find out how we can help meet your individual needs!


1920 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33306
(800) 553-3466

Latinos Salud was founded in 2008 to create a safe space for Latino gay guys and their partners to find friends, support, and resources. Our 16 staff members hail from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Turkey, and Venezuela. Whether they’re meeting one-on-one or staging a community event, our staff members work to make a stronger community!

Latinos Salud has been providing “Rapid” access to care for any persons living with HIV/AIDS since 2008. Clients can receive free rapid HIV screenings, STI screenings, information and referrals, navigation services, behavioral health and substance abuse counseling, social groups, community leadership training, HIV+ support services, as well as research studies in one convenient location. Latinos Salud provides services to thousands of clients annually and provides HIV/AIDS counseling and testing for numerous individuals each year.

Latinos Salud has demonstrated excellence in the field of HIV/AIDS within the Latino community and works to fulfill its mission and have a positive impact on Broward and Miami-Dade gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Our work in the community has earned us the confidence of our clients and funding sources at local, state and federal levels. Fundraising activities and hundreds of invaluable volunteers help raise awareness, bring hope and build a sense of community.

Through education, prevention, research, linkage to care and support services, Latinos Salud improves upon the health and overall quality of life in the Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities of South Florida. Please visit us in Wilton Manors, or one of our other locations listed below:

55 Washington Ave, Ste. 235
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
(305) 397-8967
We’re located on the northeastern corner of Fifth Street and Washington Avenue in Miami Beach behind Equinox Health Club.

9580 SW 107 Avenue
Suite #202
Kendall FL, 33176
(786) 801-1803


2330 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors, FL 33305
(954) 765-6239

What do Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, the entire cast of The Jersey Shore, Diddy, Usher, and countless of people have in common? You guess it --- they've ALL partied at Dream Nightclub Miami!! Since opening our doors in 2007, Dream has become a staple in the South Beach nightlife scene. Featuring a state-of-the-art sound and LED lighting system, we've showcased some of the World's most notable Electronic Dance Music DJ's and have provided the backdrop for many astonishing impromptu performances by some of today's hottest artist. Regardless of the event, we strive to thoroughly impress. Our attention to detail and commitment to exemplary customer service has garnered national recognition, as Nightclub & Bar Magazine named Dream one of the nations Top 100 Nightclubs in 2012. Exclusive yet unpretentious, sexy yet sinful, classic yet very contemporary, Dream Nightclub embodies the true sophistication of premium nightlife. So whether you're a jet setter, celebrity, socialite, or trendsetter, Dream Nightclub is your dynamic destination to shine. We're ready to provide the memorable South Beach experience you've come to seek.


1532 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 674-8018

At BeWell, our focus is anti-aging. We love working everyday with people like you, so that you can look, feel, and perform with youthful vitality and the beauty of your body, in mind. Through extensive medical expertise and comprehensive analysis we set ourselves apart and want to show you the results you're looking for.


  • Custom blood panels

Optimize your health by evaluating the root of symptoms in order to develop truly customized solutions.

  • Botox and fillers

Looking for volume, fill deep lines, replenish natural youthful luster or other enhancements - make an appointment now or click to learn more.

  • Vitamins IV / IM

Medical grade nutrients delivered directly to your system. Improve energy, aid in recovery and so much more.  

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections (facial / sexual / joint / hair)

Experience the benefits of your stem cells and growth factors. A youthful rejuvenation unsurpassed.

  • Bioidentical hormones

Replenish with naturally occurring sources, an exact match to the hormones naturally produced in your body



1881 NE 26th St Wilton Manors, FL 33305
(954) 530-5203