Gay Dance Artist Joey Suarez Loves You Back
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    Jun 26 2017

Celebrate your pride on the dance floor. LGBT musician Joey Suarez has released “Love Me Back,” a follow up to his first single “High in the Sky.” Since its release last week, “Love Me Back” has already generated a positive response on social media as well as Spotify. The song, which was written and produced by Suarez is, “about the silly idea of love and how it coexists on social media. Originally the song was called 'text me back' but I wanted to be more inclusive of the all-around theme: Love, and acceptance with a fun tune too it," Suarez mentions.
Currently residing in San Antonio, Texas, Suarez spends much of his time traveling to and from New York and most recently had the opportunity to perform at New York City Pride for the second year in a row. 

"Performing in Pride is by far one of the most satisfying experiences I've had as an artist. To be invited back for a second year in a row? Speechless. It gives me so much strength and passion that I hope to bring home to my home state’s Pride." Suarez is scheduled to perform at San Antonio Pride on July 1.

One of 12 children, Suarez divides his time between creating music and modeling, another one of his passions and one which Suarez believes complements his artistic side.

“I tend to invest a lot of my ‘free’ time into art,” states Suarez. “I use the daylight for photoshoot’s whether that is directing, modeling or make-up and leave my composing to the evening hours, where you can find me on the piano in a recording studio. So to me, art is my free time.” 

Suarez didn’t begin creating real art until he found balance in his life. “Use that art to alleviate the stress of working and work your ass off to the point no one can deny where that drive comes from. Eventually that balance will weigh on the side of things you've always truly wanted, and before you know it, your dream comes true."

Listen to “Love Me Back” by clicking the link below: https://open.spotify.com/album/53Dvj5nuFQ662pm2jiq0Wu

To learn more about Joey Suarez, please visit www.joeysuarez.com.


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