Bailografia & Romnia

A double bill of cutting-edge flamenco not to be missed! Bailografía by Juan Carlos Lerida Marcel Proust once said that some memories are like mutual friends, they know how to bring about reconciliations. In "Bailografia" Juan Carlos Lerdia offers just that, a work composed by looking back at its own trajectory, with a natural revision imposed by the passing of time and its experience and evolution. Romnia by Belen Maya Romnia is a celebration of Gypsyness. Instead it is a sometimes compassionate, sometimes joyful look at the plight of women, whose courage to survive has led them to a new ethical and aesthetic commitment. Belen Maya presents the mysterious ember of alchemy and forges, now in the choreography created for Romnia, a retro-progressive artistic exercise where her movements -her roots and her wings- are simultaneously going back to the beginnings and towards the future.

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