A & H Air Conditioning

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Owned and operated by registered nurse Bruce Wheatley, RN, A&H Air Conditioning has a greater grasp and understanding of air quality and allergy issues than your run-of-the-mill ac company and how the human condition and health status of individual customer's needs are addressed relating to environmental temperature and air quality control. A&H Air Conditioning is ready to meet your individual issues pertaining to airborne contaminants and your health concerns. HIV and related health issues are a reality of life today and you can feel confidant that A&H Air Conditioning and each of our staff are quite comfortable in meeting your needs in a confidential manner. From basic air filtration to creating a hospital operating room air filtration system for your home, you can count on A& H Air Conditioning.

A & H Air Conditioning is proud of:

1. Over 38 years in the air conditioning business serving the gay community.
2. Gay owned and operated.
3. Owned by a registered nurse who has a greater understanding of indoor air quality and how it meshes with human health issues.
4. Repairs are our focus instead of trying to force people to buy new equipment when a repair may better suit their needs. New equipment installations are done as needed or for remodeling. Standard AC units and mini split units and water cooled equipment as well. 
While we service all AC brands and can install any brand as replacement equipment, we feature YORK Air Conditioning equipment and as such YORK has not had a problem with their name being associated with a gay owned company.  


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