Briza On The Bay

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Sorry, no events to display here.

Briza on the Bay sits on prime waterfront real estate, offering patrons breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay to one side and Downtown Miami's striking skyline to the other. While it took two years and countless hours of laboring to find and create our venue, Briza on the Bay Encapsulates the fundamentals of a top-notch space, including ample parking for guests and staff, and a waterfront view–the pillar of our many successful events. Lighting is also something we take very seriously for every function, both large and small. We recognize a beautiful ocean view is only as good as the lighting used to illuminate it, which is why we tailor our lighting design to fit not only the mood of the event but also the backdrop. Our focus on creating a total ambiance starts with employing talented staff, from an award winning chef to dedicated team members that work tirelessly to ensure every detail is taken care of.

We built our venue from the ground up to ensure that far from being a conventional event space, Briza on the Bay could offer clients a new standard in our industry, as we deliver Hollywood dazzl through top-notch event management with a personal touch. Because no event or occasion is the same, all of Briza on the Bay's services are offered a la carte, without packages or preset guidelines.


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