Broward Is Greater Than AIDS

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Broward Greater Than AIDS & it's partners are working together to confront stigma, promote awareness & provide resources to create an AIDS FREE GENERATION.

In Broward County, it is estimated that 1 in 90 persons (aged 13 and older) are living with HIV in Broward County. It is also estimated that: 1 in 44 Blacks .1 in 119 Whites 1 in 163 Latinos are infected and living with HIV in our communities. 

Sadly, rampant stigma, ignorance, fear, and other social determinants of health continue to fuel our local epidemic. 

Early diagnosis and treatment saves lives and helps reduce the spread of HIV. Some of us know if someone with HIV takes their medication regularly they can reduce the risk of transmitting the virus by as much as 96%. 

Some of us know that if you are sexually active, the use of latex condoms each and every time is effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. And we know HIV is preventable. 

If we want to achieve the beginning of "The End of AIDS" in Broward County, we must begin the conversation by telling our stories to combat stigma. We all have a personal role to play in being that voice for change. It is through the courage of "storytelling" that we learn together and from each other. 

Broward Greater Than AIDS and it's partners work together to increase knowledge and awareness, confront stigma, and promote actions through targeted campaigns and community outreach preventing the spread of infectious diseases to create an AIDS FREE GENERATION. 

Because Broward is Greater than AIDS. 


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