Dragon Lily Tattoo

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Shop Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-8pm

Dragon Lily Tattoo is home to a select group of Award Winning Tattoo Artists. We have two amazing shops, and all of Dragon Lily Tattoo’s Artists strive to make each tattoo their BEST tattoo.
Dragon Lily Tattoo offers a wide range of styles including; Color, black and gray, photo-real, illustrative, portraits, free-hand and high quality cover-ups. With over 30 years of combined illustration, design and tattoo experience our artists provide a level of skill and professionalism that assures each and every client that they are getting the very BEST tattoo available. We take pride in guiding our clients through the whole tattoo process, including choosing or creating the correct design and body placement as well as providing clear and concise after care instructions to ensure that the tattoo received looks beautiful for years to come.

Dragon Lily Tattoo is fast becoming South Florida’s premier custom tattoo studio. We offer high quality custom tattoos in Fort Lauderdale at an affordable price. Our artists are multi-award winning tattoo artists that take great pride in their work and strive to make each and every tattoo their best tattoo. Dragon Lily Tattoo has been named “BEST Tattoo Shop” in Rhode Island 3 years running, and will, without a doubt, achieve similar status here in greater Fort Lauderdale.

Dragon Lily Tattoo prides itself on providing the most comfortable environment for our customers. Our goal is to guide and educate clients through and about the process of getting the most dynamic, original and uniquely personal tattoo available. The education process includes guiding clients in what to look for in a tattoo shop and/or tattoo artist, how the differences of tattoo style and technique may be best suited for you, the client, and finally how to care for your tattoo once you leave our shop. We value the relationships we develop with our clients and many have become loyal friends and supporters.

Dragon Lily Tattoo has been licensed and certified by the Florida Department of Health. Our shop uses only the highest quality equipment and supplies including sterile, single use, stainless steel needles.

We invite everyone with an interest in tattoo art to come by the shop and say hello.


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