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Exotic Eyewear optical is the brainchild of Mr. Panos Sarris, which commenced operations some 20 years ago. He graduated in 1992 with honors in MDC C as a member of ΦΘΚ. He also obtained licensure as a board certified optician (LDO).

After his graduation, Mr Panos Sarris decided to open an optical shop. His aim was to have a setup where not only expert opinion but best quality products with personalized services could be offered.

With this vision, Panos Sarris launched Exotic Eyewear Optical here in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Today, more than 20 years later, the company has grown to a full-service optician setup which carries the vision on some very powerful principles of:

– Delivering excellence with a strong focus on putting eyes health as top priority
– Providing top-notch products and brands related to eyewear, including glasses, lenses, frames or related products
– Giving customers a highly personalized yet accurate advice both for selecting the right product and also on technical points related to eye care
– Helping customers select the best options based on their prescription
– Ensuring a highly personalized service for customers with acute attention to detail regardless of their purchase size
– Managing a well-stocked inventory which is accessible to visiting customers as well as online customers 24/7/365
– Keeping up to date with modern trade and technological developments in field of eyewear through active participation in seminars, tradeshows all over the United States


Eyewear has evolved from a necessity to a fashionable accessory. We follow all kinds of trends in the industry and have a well-stocked inventory for top brands in frames, lenses and sunglasses.

We at Exotic eyewear optical are well-staffed and well-equipped for handling any kinds of prescription. We have a lot of experience in dealing with complex prescriptions requiring high level of precision in lenses and finishing. We are also capable of processing prescriptions from other countries and other states within the United States for customers requiring our help.

Our well-trained staff is capable of advising you very professionally of what the latest trends are and what best suits your budget and needs.

Creating interesting eyewear in the rimless products is not simple. One has to be tasteful and stylish and we know how to handles rimless rather too well.

We are a strong believe in creating fashion rather than following fashion. Our custom eyewear proves this. Experience our services for yourself and see how we are different.


We are providing services to our US visitors as well as to customers from any US state.

At Exotic eyewear optical, we make it convenient for you to get your prescription eyewear based on the prescription from your country of residence.

If you are traveling and you have lost prescription and you need an extra pair of glasses, all you need to do is to contact us and we will take care of it. Similarly, if you want duplication of prescription through your existing pair of glasses, we will do it for you as well.

We fully understand that prescriptions from different countries and areas differ in terms of their content and approach. Our team under the supervision of our founder Mr Panos Sarris is fully capable of ensuring that your prescription is properly before being finalized into an order.

Be it prescription eyewear or sunglasses or contact lenses, we have got it all covered for our customers from within and outside US. Our valued customers from Caribbean and Latin America have frequented Exotic eyewear and have remained very satisfied with the value they get and our personalized services.

In addition to that, we invite you to visit different sections of our website and see for yourself our services and a wide range of products that we carry.


Need to change glasses or buy new pair but don’t have the prescription?

Even if you don’t have the prescription and you need duplication of your glasses, just let us know.

We at Exotic eyewear optical are well-equipped and well-experienced to do it for you. We will use your existing glasses and create a duplicate very easily.

We understand that every prescription has its own sensitivities which need to be handled very carefully. We are well experienced in providing all kinds of lenses, bifocals, progressives and we can easily take care of complicated prescriptions with prism etc.

We can offer your prescription glasses in a variety of frames including rimless or frameless frames.

All our prescription duplication is guaranteed to be precise prepared very carefully under supervision of board qualified optician.

Duplicate prescription

We can even create duplicate or copy your prescription.

Our prescription duplication service is also available to all our customers including those visiting form out of state or even from abroad. We serve Caribbean and Latin American customers as well.


Who says that eyewear has to be unexciting and monotonous?

At Exotic Eyewear optical, we are giving you the option of creating stylish and classy sunglasses of all kinds out of your prescription.

We use the most advanced lenses including HD and Progressives to create exciting colorful shades for you strictly following your prescription. Polarized or a wide range of colors is all available with us.

We also have lots of branded Rx options which are prescription-ready. We believe will accessorize you stylishly. We have experience of creating sunglasses and branded Rx for different activities like flying, driving, golfing etc.

Just let us know that you are looking for something different and we will amaze you with options.


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