Healing Touches For You

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Grace, owner, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and Healer with over 30 years experience teaching and performing healing sessions uses therapeutic grade natural elements from the Earth as her instruments for treatment during customized sessions. Grace utilizes meditation, healing crystals, essential oils, candles and compassion for those who she has treated and continues to treat daily. Intense focus on spiritual awareness combined with Grace's well known signature techniques, clients reach their energy’s deepest core, revitalizing them to manifest fullest potential.  

During your initial session with Grace, an honest yet compassionate analyses of your situations is assessed. Spiritual, emotional, and physical blocks are addressed. Grace will always advise each client of their strengths and weaknesses in their presenting life. A variety of completely natural techniques your natural spiritual being can ingest are discussed. Suggestions, insight, and recommended alternative approaches based on knowledge and experience in spiritual life guidance and healing are offered.

Years of spiritual healing research has yielded significant results. Specifically, there is no single uniform healing method that works for everyone. Each person's spiritual chemistry works differently. It is very important to be aware that each individual's healing process is unique, requiring different modalities, signature techniques, personal prescriptions, and time for healing. The level of commitment directly influences outcomes.  Finding the correct approach, or combination of approaches, is paramount and can take time. Grace does not offer a "quick fix" to deep rooted and resistant blocks to personal freedom and spiritual awareness. Grace always recommends and prescribes healing essentials she knows to be effective. The final path chosen is yours based on what you are capable, comfortable and committed to. Expect an experience of tranquility, compassionate understanding of one's confusion and concerns and  experienced guidance to a better understanding and ultimate healing.  


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