Pet Project

Sorry, no events to display here. is a non-profit dedicated to preserving the Pet/Human Bond for persons living with HIV/AIDS,disabilities,other debilitating and/or life-threatening illness and low-income Seniors enduring harsh economic challenges. Pets offer companionship, love and a reason to get up each day! Persons with serious illnesses, disabilities and seniors all have a better quality of life with the love and friendship of their pets. We help them to “KEEP THEIR PETS HOME” by offering essential, practical support with pet food, supplies and annual vaccinations. distributes pet food and supplies to clients via a monthly pet food bank in both Broward & Miami/Dade. For those clients immobilized or too debilitated to pick up at the Food Bank we offer home delivery. We rely on donations, grants and Valued Volunteers as we currently assist over 1000 pets and their families. Almost daily we receive calls for emergency pet food assistance as individuals,families, those living on disability and fixed incomes struggle. Often their pets are the reason they get up each day and get out into the world.


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