Sanctuary Church

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Our Mission is to change life as we know it through the love, loyalty and friendship of Jesus Christ.

Much like the Celtic Christians who were led by St. Patrick in the early 5th century, we are a community of Christ-followers that welcome everyone to belong. Sit at the table, join the conversation, enter into community life, was Patrick’s (who was just imitating Jesus) way. 

We don’t demand people to believe, but first invite people to belong, knowing and trusting God to work belief in a person’s heart. Belief doesn’t happen instantaneously for everyone. But when someone does believe, it brings the beginnings of metamorphosis, transformation, and growth, shaping us into the likeness of Jesus Christ (yet still keeping our God-created uniqueness). 

We just don’t gather ancient/new spiritual information for an intellectual high, we actually become Christ-followers.


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