Stevie Moon Tattoo

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We have been in love with tattooing for decades.  Now to be able   to fulfill the ideas of so many people, what an honor.  Lets start with an idea and end with an inviting and dynamic finished work of art that will last a lifetime.     From dramatic power to wonderful subtlety,  we are prepared and seasoned for the task at hand.  There has been an influx of incredible talent doing hyper-realistic tattoos that are stunning.  That said, there is also a way to make these pieces stand the test of time and many pieces in this style will not hold up to the aging of skin, the natural process of the body responding to the pigments in the skin (we want that color in there, the body doesn't know this) 

We can walk you thru every process in the tattoo you want, explain every approach and promise a lifetime of joy with your new and wonderful talisman!  After all, you are getting the tattoo for life,  aren't you?  Lets see what we can do!


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