To the Moon

Eclectic shop stocks a range of old-school candies, global snack items, novelty toys & unique gifts.

Your neighborhood all-in-1 market OPEN EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!!! 
Every famous hard to find candy and bulk candy from 1806-current 
Over 70 types of chocolate covered items, Over 100 types of hard to find black licorice 
Over 90 types of dark chocolate bars up to 100% cocoa 
Milk chocolate, white chocolate and marzipan bars 
Hard to find groceries: Junket, My T Fine, Jiffy Pop, raisin crackers, Sanders fudge 
Hard to find pop: Sun Drop, Cheerwine, RC Cola, Moxie and more 
Over 60 countries of Gourmet Snacks & Spreads to choose from 
British Crisps, German Pretzels, Dutch Wafers 
Real Haribo from Germany, Bonomo Taffy, Sugar-Free selections, Kinder chocolates, 
many varieties of bulk candy 

Classic toys, tin and wood, robots, tin lunchboxes and more 
Collectibles: Betty Boop, Elvis, Lucy, Wizard of Oz and more 
Over 2000 greeting cards for all ages


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